Micro FUE Advanced Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Clinic Kochi, Calicut and Bangalore. We are experts in Micro FUE.

CI Cosmetic Hair Transplant Clinic in Kochi, Calicut & Bangalore, is best in Micro FUE. A Micro FUE procedure is a state of the art hair transplantation technique that uses a minimally invasive method to ensure that natural and undetectable results are achieved from your hair transplant procedure.

The micrografts are removed from the donor area one by one using a micromotor and 0.6 - 0.75 mm micro punch tips. Surgery is performed under magnification with the aid of an optical microscope to safeguard the integrity of the follicular unit and to ensure that individual follicles are undamaged. This is the most important technical detail of the hair transplant procedure – preventing damage to or death of the transplanted Hair follicles.

The complicated part of hair transplantation is not the procedure itself but in the originality of designing a natural-looking hairline for your face shape, features, and age using the correct hair textures and placement. At CI, surgical hair transplant surgery is a simple, outpatient procedure. Patients arrive at CI Cosmetic and go home the same day. Patients typically experience very minimal downtime, many returning to work the next day.

Benefits to Micro FUE Hair Transplant;

  • No pain post-procedure
  • Quicker Healing and recovery time
  • Higher number of total grafts compared to other Methods of hair transplant
  • Less or no Pain due to use of Advanced instruments
  • No stitches and no scalpel
  • Less invasive
  • Nearly no visible scarring
  • No linear scar
  • Natural results
  • Donor area is better protected


  • The Micro FUE technique is also great at being able to correct the results from a poorly carried out procedure through hair transplant revision surgery.
  • Using Micro FUE Method we can Complete a Procedure in under 5 hours with more than 95% grafts surviving and acive the desired results.
  • Transplanted hairs are permanent and life-long.If you wish, you can dye your hair and style it according to the latest salon fashion.


  • Requires Unique & Advanced equipment and surgical instruments
  • Should be Performed by specially trained and qualified, and experienced surgeons and Technicians.

Cost of Micro FUE Hair transplant

The cost of Micro FUE hair transplant depends on the Current Receding grade of baldness, density required, and a number of graft to be transplanted. To know the cost of Micro FUE hair transplant, kindly schedule your consultation with our expert hair transplant surgeons. Kindly mail cicosmeticclinic@gmail.com or Call Us on +91 9980001291 for an appointment with our hair transplant specialist doctors at any of our locations in, Bangalore, Cochin, Calicut, Mysore & Trivandrum in India.