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Cutis international hair transplantation clinic is the best hair transplantation clinic in south India. We are a pacesetter in providing dermatology, advanced hair transplant, cosmetic and plastic surgery and asking care procedures. We offer the best hair treatment and in hair loss treatment we use only the latest technology as we are bound to give you the best we can offer. Hair transplantation technique has progressed significantly. Of all the hair growing methods hair transplantation is the most natural method. It is completely safe and natural. When you are able to get the new different and perfect version of you resulting from our hair transplantation treatment you will see life changing results. You will look younger and feel positive changes in social experience. Patient can’t leave the clinic the very next day itself so that they can join the work immediately after the surgery. As the hair transplantation surgery is less invasive there is only low chance to get an infection. This reduces the risk factor drastically. Hair transplant helps to cover up the thinned area with your own hair which doesn't need any special care or maintenance. As a result you will get natural and undetectable hairline. It is very important to make sure that the patient who undergoes hair transplantation treatment should be having good health.

For example if a patient suffering from Androgenic Alopecia which is an irreversible disease it is important that the patient should be aware of it. If hair loss is a genetic problem and the person is undergoing hair transplantation surgery hair loss will still continue after the surgery and it needs treatment. Even it is less invasive it is still a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Success of the transplant depends upon the quality of the hair in the donor area. Recovery can’t be assured to happen overnight. It will take 8 to 10 months for complete recovery. Another advantage of hair treatment is that you will a get a very manageable hair. No chemicals are used in the procedure. So it is very safe. The result will be so good that the people will not be able to recognize that you have undergone a hair transplantation surgery. Transplanted hair will look exactly same like the natural hair. So you can use any shampoo or chemicals to maintain it in the way you desire. If you want a long term result, hair transplantation is the best of all hair treatments.