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10 Things to look at, before having a hair transplant

Hair transplant in Kochi

Having a hair transplant is a big decision for several reasons. The cost of a high-quality hair transplant can be considerably high. However, you cannot go for a low-quality hair transplant just because the cost is low. A bad hair transplant can have significant, long-term adverse effects on the patient, both mental and physical. Apart from the offers some clinics give, there is no such method like a non-surgical method to carry out a hair transplant. Hair transplant is an optional surgery. Here we will be discussing 10 points to consider before going for a hair transplant.

  1. Do you really need a hair transplant?

Nobody needs a hair transplant. It is an optional surgery. If your hair loss is bothering you, talk to an expert. He will be able to help you to choose the kind of treatment plan you actually need. Not every hair loss problem needs a hair transplant. If you are having an extreme hair loss, your physician will definitely suggest you one.

  1. The Reason behind your hair loss

Before choosing a hair transplant, you should do a detailed study about the reason for your hair loss. Hair transplantation is an invasive hair fall treatment. Therefore, you should be keen on decision-making. The major reason behind hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. The only permanent solution for it is hair transplant. In such cases, there are no other options than undergoing a hair transplant. However, if the reason is something else, that does not require a hair transplant, the amount of money and effort you spend on it will be a total waste.

  1. Age

It is very important to consider your age before undergoing a hair transplant. Men under 25 are mostly prescribed with medications, which prove very effective. The second factor-regulated with a patient’s age is how it affects the hair transplant design. A person suffering from pattern hair loss will continue to lose their natural hair throughout their life. That is an important factor when it comes to designing an undetectable hair transplant.

  1. Look for alternatives

Medical treatments are available for hair loss. There are medicines, which are proved effective in treating hair loss in more than 80% of users. The treatment is effective but not permanent. When you stop taking the medicine, you may lose your hair.

  1. Cost of hair transplant

The cost to carry out a hair transplant is considerably high, as the process requires highly trained and knowledgeable medical staff and technicians. There will be more than 18 medical staff and technicians during a hair transplant. There is no low-cost method to provide this kind of expertise. Therefore if the cost of the surgery is a factor that determines your decision whether to undergo it or not, then you should really consider taking medications instead of a hair transplant. Having a low-quality hair transplant will have long-term negative effects on you.

  1. The Skill of your hair transplant surgeon

The skill and experience of your hair transplant surgeon is a crucial element in achieving an undetectable hairline after a hair transplant. The degree of scar you have on the donor area following the hair transplant will be determined by your body’s natural ability to heal wounds, the method used to extract the grafts, and the skill of your surgeon.

  1. The type of surgery

The difference between FUE and FUT is mainly the way the donor hair removed from the patient’s scalp to be transplanted in the donor area. For several patients, the optimal treatment plan would include both FUE and FUT. Before you make a decision about the treatment method, you want to follow, consult with an expert hair transplant surgeon.

  1. Risk factor

Hair transplant is an invasive but outpatient procedure, which is absolutely safe, but before undergoing a hair transplant, you should thoroughly study about the possible risks of the procedure.

  1. How soon can you return to work?

Depending on the kind of procedure and the type of work you do, it is possible to go back to work after a few days. The Majority go back to work within 3 days.

  1. The Success rate of hair transplant surgery

In a non-smoker, up to 98% of the grafts will grow successfully.

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