Best Hair Treatment in Kochi

Cutis International is the best hair transplant clinic in Kochi and gives city’s best hair restoration services. We provide a wide range of hair loss treatments including Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), PRP, Micro FUE Advanced Hair Transplant and laser therapy.

Hair transplant in kochi

Kochi being the hub of advanced technologies and latest quick trends in kerala, people are in the quick pace of changing lifestyles. The present lifestyle environment and many other factors result in the early haifall or baldness in people even at the young age. Majority of them are very much concerned of their presence and outlook in their social worlds. Hence they check for the best hair transplant clinic in Kochi or like hair fall treatment in kochi.
Whatever hair flaws it may be, its recommended to consult the best in the industry. As far as hair treatments are concerned CI Cosmetic Clinic is the best for hairloss treatment in Kochi

Hair loss treatment in kochi

Hair loss is a common phenomenon seen in all people, but the factors resulting to it vary. Certain causes are hereditary factors, stress, improper diet , Internal infections, environmental factors or side effects of medication, etc. So determining the right cause of hair loss can help in choosing the apt method of treatment. To control normal hair loss we can make use of treatments like PRP to reinstate the growth of existing hair to the maximum and avoid further hair loss to a major extend. In cases of tremendous amount of hairfall the treatment methods may differ in such cases our hair experts suggest for Hair Transplantation procedures. The commonly practiced hair transplant in kerala are the Direct Hair Transplant method, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery & the basic Follicular Unit Extraction methods that may result in scars , more healing time and slower recovery. Here CI Cosmetic Clinic differ by introducing the latest technologies in hair transplant like the Micro FUE & Advanced Micro FUE Hair transplant methods , that are scarless, painless and easy recovering procedures that guarantee maximum results to the clients. Thus people look forward to us as the best hair transplant clinic in kochi and one of the most leading hair transplant clinics in South india.