Hair transplant in kochi

Your Hair problem is a Skin Problem too!!

Every part of the body is protected by the skin; head is not exclusion at all!!!!!! The letters in the word SCALP stands for Skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurosis, Loose areolar […]
PRP treatment

PRP Treatment for Happy Hair and Happy Life

Your hair speaks too much about you. Your health, genetical problems, your anxiety, your busy schedule, your tensions and stress, whether you take any medicines or steroids etc. figuratively speaking, […]
Hair transplant in kochi

You are not Bold but Bald!

“You are beautiful just the way you are”! is pretty much well to hear but deep inside you, the problem of hair fall will make you introvert and chip on […]
Hair transplant in kochi

A Few Quick Facts About Hair Transplantation

We live in a world of competition, fast paced lives and a constant race against the clock. The people are running in their lives to get it set without  any […]