Hair transplant in kochi

A Few Quick Facts About Hair Transplantation

We live in a world of competition, fast paced lives and a constant race against the clock. The people are running in their lives to get it set without  any worries. This inturn builds stress and anxiety in us which we do not realize is the major factor affecting our health. Stress affects us in a possible aspects that contribute to our appearance most importantly,  our crown- the  hair.   Hair loss in young men and women are becoming a common scene today.  If it is left unattended,  it results in baldness subsequently. 

Baldness is more associated with men due to genetic factors combined with stressed lives, and it progresses very fast among men of age group 20 – 30.   It is very important to understand that hair transplant is the only solution which is permanent to solve baldness.   There are many centres that provide hair transplant in Kochi.

A few quick facts about hair transplantation are given below:  

  1. Hair transplantation procedures are carried out with the recipient’s own hair and the transplanted hair grows automatically without any other further medical aid or special maintenance. There are many clinics for hair loss treatment in kochi that include providing hair transplants to both young and aged people.  
  2. Various techniques are used in hair transplantation – Most common ones being FUT or a strip method and FUE. These popular techniques are carried out by many hair transplant centers in Kochi and has given the best results.  
  3. Even if there are many hair fall treatment in Kochi that gives you many alternative solutions ,  hair transplantation as such does not give you a head full of dense hair. Results may always vary according to the type of hair, extent of baldness and the amount of hair available in the donor area and other factors.  
  4. Today hair transplantations are a very normal day care procedure; there is no need for any stay backs  in a hospital after the procedure.  
  5. Hair transplant treatment is a permanent solution for the baldness in both men and women. Even though there are many hair loss treatments, if you wish a permanent solution for baldness,  choose hair transplantation.  
  6. Not all cases of baldness can be corrected with a hair transplant. You need to take advice on this with your hair physician.  
  7. In some cases, there can be body hair transplantation too. In this, hair grafts can be removed from various areas such as beard ,chest wall  legs, etc. and hands and accordingly plant onto the scalp.  

At Cutis International, we screen our patients and thorough screening is done before the treatment.