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Can a Hair Transplant Really Look Natural?

One of the main things people worry about when selecting a hair transplant is whether the final outcomes will look as natural as they would like.

A natural looking hair transplant trusts on a number of different factors, from the quality of the process to the quality of the donor area. Nobody needs to pay out for a life-changing hair transplant, only to be left dissatisfied with their long-awaited results.

We take a look at some of the ways you can guarantee you get the most natural looking hair transplant and what questions to ask to make sure you’re receiving the highest quality care.

Choosing the Very Best Clinic and Surgeon

Your hair transplant outcomes will depend on the quality of the process and the surgeon. We’ve seen many processes that have been done by unqualified surgeons or done at ‘budget’ clinics overseas that have given unusual looking results because of the quality of the service.

To get high-quality results and see the most natural results from your hair transplant, make sure you thoroughly research your clinic and surgeon. Read patient reviews and real world testimonials to get a well-versed idea of the quality of service.

It is now possible to get the right action done in the very first period. However, it is very important for the candidate to find the right surgeon. One can also consider having a hair transplantation done from the Best hair transplant in Kochi or the Hair loss treatment in Kochi.

Making Sure You Have a Good Donor Area

It should be up to your doctor to tell you whether your donor area is of good enough quality and to recommend you within your consultation, on what results you can expect.

Make sure when you attend your consultation that you ask questions about accurate goals and what you can expect given the state of your donor area. Ask questions around the condition of the donor follicles and how well they can be likely to take when transplanted.

Your surgeon won’t be able to give you a positive answer on the exact results you can expect, but they will be able to tell you what your probabilities are of getting the final hairline you desire.

Medicine can help you keep the results

To get the best results from a hair transplant, your dermatologist may mention medicine that treats hair loss. Medicine helps because hair loss and retreating can continue, even after a hair transplant. By doing that, you can keep your natural-looking outcomes for years to come.

When do patients see results from hair transplant?

Most patients see results of hair transplant between 6 and 9 months after surgery. For some patients, it takes 12 months.

It’s main to know that between 2 and 8 weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. This is normal. By the 3rd month, the hair may look cleaner than before you had the transplant. Again, this is normal.

Aftercare and Styling

Once you have improved from your FUE or FUT hair transplant, it’s up to you to keep your new head of hair in tip-top condition.

Aftercare is very essential when trying to get the most natural result. Your new hair will be milder than you may be used to, so making sure you have the right products and don’t over-process the hair is very important.

Using gentle and biological shampoo and styling products are a great way to ensure you aren’t revealing your hair to harmful chemicals. They are also kinder on the scalp, which may be a little complex after your process.

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