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How long does an FUE procedure last?

In the process of an FUE hair transplant, many wonder how long the results will last. FUE is a permanent solution to hair loss, however, everyone is distinct and how long the results last can vary.

FUE hair transplants are where separate hair follicles are taken from the sides or back of the patient’s scalp and are then transported to the balding area. Many of the follicles take and deliver the look of a full head of hair, but there may be some minor peeling in the first few days of having the transplant.

The sides and back of the scalp are identified as the “safe zone”. This is due to the permanent nature of the hair roots which are DHT unaffected and provide better donor follicles than other areas of the scalp.

What is DHT?

DHT (Dihydrotesterone) is a great and natural metabolite found in the body and the main cause of hair loss in men and women. The back and sides of the scalp are DHT unaffected, as it stops the androgen hormone from acting, which reasons the hair to drop out.

How permanent is an FUE hair transplant?

Usually speaking, it’s firmly well-known that FUE hair transplant results are permanent. The areas where hair follicles are taken from are not naturally programmed to drop out, which is why we call it the “safe zone”.

Why are the hair follicles permanent?

When the follicles are transferred to the necessary parts of the scalp, they attach to the cells around them and are nourished once again by regular blood flow, as they were before being removed. They are natural hairs, this means it will take a while for the hair to become noticeable.

After the initial few days, the hair will fall out through shock. Although the hairs have gone, the follicles still continue and will start to properly regrow after a few months. It does take some patience, but the procedure will result in you having a fuller, thicker head of hair that will stand the test of time.

Using your own hair

Since the process involves shifting and implanting your own hair from your scalp, the results are really natural. The lack of extra care and not having to worry about your presence is one of the most positive aspects of an FUE transplant.

How long does an FUE take?

A standard FUE process takes between 2-4 hours. The process is lengthy because the grafts of hair are more vulnerable and have to be transplanted separately. But with over 90% of results after 10 months flattering permanent, the time the process takes is a small price to pay.

Does an FUE hair transplant hurt?

Often patients who experience the process describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful. It’s the length of time sat there that is generally the main issue.

At Cutis International ‘Best hair transplant in Kochi’ a best anesthetic is given to patients in both the recipient and donor areas. We often put on a DVD for the patients to enjoy whilst the process takes place.

To find out more about Cutis International’s FUE hair transplant procedures, why not book your free consultation and we can help you figure out what to imagine from your own hair transplant process.  Our Hair transplant clinic in Kochi will help diagnose your hair condition and prescribe you the right treatment for hair loss.