Hair fall treatment in Kochi

10 Things To Control Hair Loss

1. Consider Your Diet Protein is the constructing block of the tissues in your body, including your hair. Make sure you are consuming enough proteins in your diet. The best […]
Hair loss treatment in Calicut

Why patience is important when you get a hair transplant?

Although the hair transplant process only takes a few hours, it takes much longer to see results. One requires extreme patience when undergoing the action in order to be satisfied […]
Hair loss treatment in Kochi

What are the various types of hair loss?

What is a hair loss? Hair grows everywhere o the human skin except for the palm of your hands and also the soles of your feet. Hair is made up […]
Hair loss treatment in Calicut

Corrective Hair Transplantation Surgery

What is a Corrective hair transplant surgery? A hair surgery which is performed in order to repair bad or deterred results of formerly performed procedures is referred to as Corrective […]