Hair transplant in kochi

Your Hair problem is a Skin Problem too!!

Every part of the body is protected by the skin; head is not exclusion at all!!!!!!

The letters in the word SCALP stands for Skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurosis, Loose areolar connective tissue and Periosteum denotes the five layers of the skin which is conveniently remembered as mnemonic. The  scalp is a skin like other parts of the body.

So the problem you face over there is a skin problem!!  Examine your skin from head to toe at least once every six months for the better care of your skin. Visit Cutis International’s Skin Care Clinic in Trivandrum for the best care you deserve!

Cutis international gained recognition in treating both the skin and hair problems successfully as we are the only medical center considers the root cause of all these dermatological issues is SKIN! But people see it differently, only because you lose hairs from the scalp. Therefore, they call it hair loss or hair fall problem!! The interesting fact is, the name is only a symptom of a particular skin problem.

But for the convenience of our most valued patients, we introduced exclusive treatments for both  hair and skin treatment in Trivandrum.

Common causes of skin problems:

  • The UV radiation in sunlight
  • Pollution
  • Hereditary problems
  • Fungal/viral infection
  • Poor diet/Malnutrition
  • Poor blood-circulation
  • Bad habits like smoking
  • Weak immune system

Whatever be the cause, it becomes difficult for the blood to do its job of bringing nourishment to the skin cells and carrying away wastes. For example, the content of the blood enable your body to make approximately three billion new cells every minute. The growth of hair is completely dependent upon the cells multiplying at the root. In such cases, we have PRP treatments to the patients. This treatment is available at  Hair Loss Treatment in Kottakkal.

The skin/hair problem affect you not only physically but mentally also, it destroys your self-confidence always leaving a feeling of unclean, dull and embarrassment in a crowd.

It is not the time of being introvert, but to live-in full bloom. Look matters. A pleasant look will boost your confidence as well as character. Always remember that very good treatments are available in Kottakkal for hair loss and Skincare in Trivandrum.

The first thing you should avoid is the habit of trying everything on your skin and scalp. Some suggestion will work sometimes, listen SOMETIMES!! Limit sun exposure, use of broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 15 or higher and good sun protection habit can protect your skin from damage at a very limited extent, you need to consult a specialist to know the pH of your skin, which is a very decisive in determining which cosmetic products and dermatological products suit you better. Consult the best consultant @ Cutis International. Your skin problem is no longer a cause of worry, then.

Home remedies won’t work this time! Because it cannot cure the hereditary problems, some remedial treatment will only work under the supervision of experts.

Consult best specialists to diagnose the problem.

Get the best treatment!  

Healthy hairs and skin will enhance you beauty!!