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Hair Loss, Causes and Symptoms

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Hair loss can affect your scalp, hair and your entire body. It may be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or certain medications. People of all age can be affected by hair loss but it is mostly seen in men. Baldness is excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair loss and age are the most common reason for hair loss. Hair loss can appear in several ways. Gradual thinning on the top of the head is one of the common symptoms of hair loss. This affects both men and women, as they get old. In men hair falls from the forehead in a line in the shape of English letter ‘M’. Women are not much affected by this condition, but the hair gets thinned and they will have a broadening of the part in their hair. Circular spot is another symptom of hair loss. Some people will have smooth bald spots in the size of a coin. This kind of hair loss usually affects only the scalp but in rare cases, it affects beards and eyebrows too. Skin becoming itchy is another early symptom of hair fall. A physical or emotional shock can be another major reason for hair fall. In this case, you will not be experiencing baldness but your overall hair will be thinned. This will not cause any bald spots as well. You hair will tend to fall more when you comb, wash, or tug. Some medical condition like chemotherapy can result in hair loss overall your body. The hair usually grows back when you stop taking the medications. People usually lose 100 hairs a day and it is perfectly fine. This will not cause noticeable thinning of hair because new hair will be growing at the same time. Heredity is another major cause of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. It usually happens gradually with aging. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid dysfunction can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs like those, which are used to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure. When you have undergone radiation therapy on your head, your hair may not grow back. Certain hairstyles like pulling your hair tight and tugging it hard can cause hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot oil treatment is another reason. In such cases, there will be inflammation in the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Family history, age, stress, significant weight loss and certain medical condition which causes hair fall. There are several preventive ways for hair fall. Treating your hair gentle while washing and combing is the first thing to keep in mind when you are experiencing hair fall. Using a wide tooth comb will help you to fight hair fall. Avoiding harsh treatments on hair like, hot oil treatments, ironing and coloring. If possible, avoid medications and supplements that will cause hair fall. Try to protect your hair from sunlight and other ultra violet rays. Smoking is another major reason for hair fall. It affects not just your hair but the whole body will be affected. Cutis international continues to be the best hair transplant clinic in Kochi. We use only the latest and advanced technologies from the day we started. We provide the best hair fall treatment in Kochi  and Hair Transplant in Kochi. We stand unique among thousands of cosmetic clinics because of our expertise in handling cases, which needs extreme care and attention. We are proud to have our branches extended to Bangalore, Trivandrum and Calicut.