Hair loss treatment in calicut

Cutis international is the best hair transplantation clinic in Calicut. We give the city’s best services. We offer a wide range of hair loss treatments like Follicular Unit Extraction, PRP, Micro FUE advanced hair transplantation and laser therapy. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. Before going for any expensive treatments or hair transplantation one should know whether it is temporary or permanent. Weak and thin hair follicles is the major cause of hair loss. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for hair loss. It is a light procedure that relocates existing hair follicles from the donor area to the area of baldness. Ours is the best hair transplantation clinic in Calicut with experienced hair experts. We have experienced doctors who have several years of experience in all hair loss treatments. We provide advanced hair treatments in our clinic and we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied.

Advantages of getting hair transplant in Calicut

Dense Packing : We make sure to cover all the bald areas densly implanting the strips of hair leaving no niches of space.

Artistic Hairline : Our skilled doctors carve out the hairline very carefully so as keep the direction of the growing hair look natural. It gives a natural appearance without leaving any mark of the surgery.

100% Satisfaction : Our expert team of surgeons makes sure that the patient leaves the clinic with the fully satisfied results.

Extraordinary Results : The hair transplant procedure from our clinic will restore you with natural looking hair that will boost your confidence to face your social environment.

Cutis International - Calicut