Thanks to technological advances, a lasting, convenient, quick and effective hair removal system has been developed – known as Medical Photo-epilation. Already extremely popular, photo-epilation is intended for those who are fed up with having to keep removing unwanted hair. It is also suitable for patients with abnormal hair growth. In some cases, excessive hair growth can become a psychological problem, which can affect relationships and the self-esteem.

What does laser hair removal involve?

Based on Intense Pulsed Light, this treatment permanently changes the structure of hair, which inhibits further growth. A beam of intense light is trained on the hair follicle, which produces a photo-thermo lysis effect without damaging the surrounding area. Once the hair follicles have been treated, they are unlikely to re-grow (except under exceptional circumstances, if the patient suffers from hormonal disorders, for instance), and thereby hair growth is prevented. This is a completely personalized treatment. The specialist will take account of your individual features: skin photo-type and skin color, density and hair location – and adjusts the treatment accordingly.

How long will it take?

Treatment sessions last around 15 minutes to 1 hour. Although you might see a difference immediately the number of sessions required depends on the area of treatment. This will all be discussed at your consultation with our Skin Specialist.

Laser Hair Removal Clinics

Ci Cosmetic Clinic has highly qualified doctors and nurses who perform Laser Hair Removal at various locations throughout India. Ci Cosmetic Clinic has highly qualified doctors who supervise your treatment by experienced laser operators.