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When a person decides to undergo hair transplantation, he prepares himself mentally and physically for the surgery. In this stage, the person will try to find the best hair transplantation clinic by collecting maximum details about the procedure and centers, which provide it. The clinic in which you are going to undergo the treatment has a lot to do in the success rate of the treatment. Therefore, you should do a very comprehensive research. Never jump in conclusions. There are three stages in hair transplantation. Pre-preparation, operative and post-operative process. From beginning to the end, there are several factors that affect the success rate of hair transplantation. Therefore, in every stage of hair transplantation, adequate care should be given to your hair for a better outcome. In order to get the best result you have to be attentive about so many things. Nutrition, healing process and maintenance are the most important factors to be taken care of.  Following the instructions given by the doctor and eating healthy can improve the strengthening and healthy growth of new hair follicles. In the post-operative period, you should eat what is good for your hair, which helps to regenerate the cells and shorten the recovery time. Every food you eat will have an effect on your newly implanted hair follicles. When your diet lacks macro and micronutrients it will directly affect your hair and cell membrane dysfunction may occur. Hair loss will continue even after the hair transplantation. B-complex vitamins like B7 and B12 have a significant role in the structure quality and healthy growth of hair. For the same reason doctors prescribe to take B complex vitamins after hair transplantation procedure. Foods, which are rich in vitamin B, are chicken, red meat, banana, avocado, nuts, eggs etc. Lack of zinc may have adverse effect on our whole body as well as our hair. Therefore, the intake of Zinc is very important after hair transplantation. It also has a significant role in tissue repair, collagen production, cell proliferation, hormonal balance, absorption of vitamins and protein synthesis. Foods, which are rich in Zinc, are Lamb, Chickpeas, Shrimps, Whole grains, spinach eggs and fish. Iron deficiency is also a major cause of hair loss. Iron helps to strengthen hair, improves the texture of hair, helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles and scalp. Iron will improve the immune system and it helps to shorten the recovery time after hair transplantation. Foods, which are rich in Iron, are Spinach, Beans, Beef, Oyster and veal livers. Vitamin E possesses antioxidant properties and thus it accelerates the healing of damaged skin, and healing of the scars. Therefore, vitamin E oil can be applied to the hair to soften the tissues. Foods, which are rich in vitamin E, are Almond, Avocado, Spinach, Sunflower and Olive oil. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties, which helps in collagen production, wound healing and combating oxidative stress. Foods, which are rich in vitamin C, are Pepper varieties, Cabbage, Kiwi, Broccoli, Granular small fruits and Citrus fruits. The risk of infection will be very less if the hair transplantation procedure was done in a sterile manner. Although the healing process will vary from person to person, it will take almost 1 year. First three days after the surgery is very significant. If you take pain medication and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, you can have a comfortable time relieved from pain and inflammation. You are not supposed to take alcoholic beverages during this time. Antibiotics enter your blood and when it comes in contact with alcohol, it may cause severe consequences. You can wash your hair after three days of the surgery using the soap and shampoo prescribed by your doctor. Stay away from activities that increase your blood pressure, because with increased blood pressure micro channels in which the hair follicles are transplanted, may get damaged. Cutis International cosmetic clinic offers you best hair transplantation in Kochi. We have branches in Calicut, Bangalore and Trivandrum also. We provide advanced hair fall treatment in Kochi and all cosmetic treatments in all our branches.