Hair Treatment in Trivandrum

Cutis International is the best hair transplant clinic in Trivandrum, gives best hair restoration and skin care services. We provide a wide range of treatments including Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), PRP, Micro FUE, Skin care and Acne treatment. With over 10+ years of experience & 10K+ satisfied clients globally ,CI Cosmetic clinic has started it s new branch of hair & skin care clinic in trivandrum.This new launch was initiated in concern with rendering the best medical services of hair treatments, skincare treatments & hair transplant in Trivandrum locality. Hair loss and baldness in men and women are increased rapidly year after year . So we focus in bringing awareness to the society regarding the factors leading these conditions and the type available hair loss treatment in Trivandrum branch of CI Cosmetic Clinic

Skin Care Clinic in Trivandrum

Even Though in a short span of the new launch at Trivandrum, our clinic has a huge clientele in the field of skincare & dermatology. This is all because we possess a team of the best skin care doctors in Trivandrum, which adds to the services and quality of treatments we provide. But just having the best dermatologist in Trivandrum alone does not factor the best results. Along with it our specialists practice the most modern technologies & facilities to attain maximum output of their efforts. Thus the experienced clients recommend our specialists & our clinic to their social circle as skin care clinic in Trivandrum having the best team of skin doctors in Trivandrum.

Cutis International - Trivandrum