Things to Consider Before & After Hair Transplant
Things to Consider Before & After Hair Transplant
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Skincare routine for the best skin

Skincare routine for the best skin

Wonder why your skin doesn’t have that healthy glow? Does your skin seems dull or breakout easily? Maybe it’s time for you to switch to a skincare routine that works well for you.

Here are some simple steps are given by the best dermatologist in Trivandrum to take care of your skin in a smart way. Follow this routine and soon you will have youthful, gleaming skin.

Just check and follow the simple ways to keep yourself beautiful in and out. As beauty starts from within, make sure you are drinking enough amount of water every day. Include a combination of fresh fruits and veggies to your daily diet and you are bound to notice an improved skin tone. It is like getting the best results with the best of best things.

What’s your skin type?

It is important to recognize your skin type. There are usually 5 basic types – oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive. Once you understand your skin type and texture, you will be able to pick the right products that best suit your skin.

Step 1: Cleansing

A good and efficient skincare routine always begins with cleansing. A skin care clinic in Trivandrum suggests cleaning your skin at least twice a day to keep it fresh and free of any dirt.

Step 2: Toning

Toning is needed to rebuild your skin’s natural pH levels. This step also makes your skin resistant to infections or any irritations. Simply pat the toner all over your face using a cotton pad. Leave it on and proceed with following this regime regularly for good results evident on your skin.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Moisturizing is what comes next. It works the best if you apply the moisturizer up and across your forehead, from your nose across your cheeks and along your jaw and then chin. A good moisturizer also works as a decent base before you apply your makeup.

It is very important for you to regularly follow your skincare routine. Once your skin adapts to the new products, you are sure to get that healthy glow you have always craved for.

Find the best skin clinic in Trivandrum and get expert advice on your skin. Following the right practices for your skin definitely helps you to maintain youthfulness even after your 50’s.